Roof Giveaway Finalists Ended

  • As a nonprofit organization, Homesteads for Hope relies almost entirely on the kindness of the community to continue their mission. The Community Farm empowers adults with disabilities to learn, work, live, and grow in nature’s classroom. The organization is currently in the process of remodeling their first home on the site which will serve as a community center for over 300 families who need a place to go. Once complete, the center will be open year-round for programs, classes, and community gatherings. Donating a new roof will help give this organization the jumpstart they need to better serve the community.
    71% 1.1k / 1.6k
  • After cashing out the majority of her retirement fund to buy her family a home, the mother of this family realized that it could not be their forever home. With two children under the age of two, being closer to family and in a good school district was more important than finding the perfect house of their dreams. Their current home checks all the boxes, but unfortunately is not without its issues. The decades-old roof is in need of replacement but with no funds left, the family is unable to replace it themselves. A new roof would take one worry off of the busy family’s long list of concerns and help them settle into their new home and surroundings.
    1% 28 / 1.6k
  • This elderly couple nominated for a new roof have a long history of service to their community. Once active participants in the Catholic Church and countless local charities, the couple would often donate their own products from the deli they owned to the hungry and homeless. Now, the husband is bedridden due to worsening health conditions. Living on a fixed income leaves no wiggle room between taxes, medical expenses, bills, and trying to support their disabled son. A new roof would take one heavy burden off of their overflowing plates and make sure that the couple is able to age comfortably in their own home.
    4% 76 / 1.6k
  • One would be hard-pressed to find a family as selfless as the Davids. In addition to taking care of her four grandchildren while their parents are at work, the wife tends to an elderly family friend —affectionately referred to as her aunt— as the woman’s own children are unable to care for her. She serves her community as the president of the Rush Ladies Auxiliary at the Rush Volunteer Fire Department, always looking to give back to those around her without asking for anything in return. Now, her roof is leaking, allowing mold to grow in the home she works so hard to maintain. A new roof for this family would be an incredible gift to people who are always giving to others.
    54% 886 / 1.6k
  • This amazing woman has dedicated the last 17 years of her life to taking care of her disabled son. As a single mother of two boys, she works hard to meet the health needs of her children while also working whenever possible to keep a roof over their heads. Due to the time and amount of care she needed to give her son, this often meant only working part time hours. After years of working hard and taking care of her family, the mother has finally purchased a house of her own. Unfortunately, the roof over her head is in desperate need of replacing, an expense that seems impossible to address without the help of the community.
    22% 368 / 1.6k
  • With all of the challenges that come with being a single mother, this incredible woman has survived many of life’s struggles. After losing her job ten years ago, the mother of this family started working for the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester, earning certifications in debt management, foreclosure prevention, and reverse mortgage counseling. She has assisted countless families in preventing bankruptcy and staying in their own homes. A recent heavy rainstorm has broken through the wear and tear on her roof, now leaking into her home. After years of helping others, the gift of a new roof would be a tremendous help to this family.
    23% 382 / 1.6k