Ice Dams and Your Rochester, NY Home

Ice Dam Removal Rochester NY

Those sparkling icicles hanging from your roof may look lovely, but they are not as harmless as they seem. Icicles stem from ice dams, a problem that can damage your gutters and roof, and cause leaking in your home. If you have an ice dam, call Oaks Construction at 585.247.OAKS.

winter ice dams on rochester ny home

What Is an Ice Dam?

Subfreezing temperatures, snow on your roof, and heat loss from your home work together to create ice dams. The heat from your home rises and melts the snow on your roof. The resulting water travels towards the gutters and eaves, where it refreezes. The water does this over and over, causing the ice to get bigger.

Eventually, the ice is big enough to block the flow of water over the edge where it forms icicles. The blocked water will puddle behind the ice, where the roof will keep it warm. This water can seep under shingles and cause big problems with insulation, ceilings, and walls.


Do You Have Ice Dams?

Look around for the tell-tale icicles! They indicate that ice is acting as a barrier to water running into your gutters as it should. Oaks Construction can rid your home of ice dams and repair any damage they have caused to your home. We are available to check out the insulation in your attic and add more to help prevent heat loss and ongoing issues with your roof this winter. Just give us a call at 585.247.OAKS today!