It’s that time of year! Fall is in the air, and winter is imminent. Between trips to the pumpkin patch and watching football, we need to put in some time to prepare our yards for the winter weather. Oaks Construction has put together a list of our best tips for getting your yard ready for the winter season.

1. Clean Out the Leaves

Fallen leaves tend to gather around the bases of shrubs and plants. Left alone, this provides bugs with a perfect home to settle in for the winter — causing damage to your plants. Gently remove plants, weeds, and other debris to ensure healthy, happy shrubs in the spring.

2. Clean Up Your Veggie Garden

If you have a vegetable garden, it’s time to pull out old plants and debris in preparation for spring. Add a layer of compost to enrich your soil for spring planting.

3. Prune Dangerous Branches

Dead or broken tree branches can cause a lot of damage if they fall in the winter. Prune branches that may cause issues. Contact a tree service to remove larger branches or limbs out of your reach.

4. Clean Out Your Gutters

Gutters blocked with leaves and debris cannot drain properly. Ice dams can form and force water under the shingles, damaging your roof and potentially causing leaks. Carefully remove all debris from your gutters and rinse them out.

5. Dry Things Out

Dry out hoses, fountains, irrigation systems, and other equipment that holds water. Store them in a dry place for the winter. This prevents water from freezing inside and causing damage.

6. Fertilize

Add lawn fertilizer with high phosphorus to your lawn. The phosphorus encourages root growth and will lead to a gorgeous, lush lawn in the spring.

7. Rake the Leaves

Either rake your leaves or mulch them into the grass with your lawnmower. Unraked leaves can suffocate the grass.

8. Trim

Trim shrubs, especially spring-blooming perennials. This is the best time of year to prune so that you don’t lose any precious spring or summer flowers.

9. Mow

Mow with your lawnmower set to low for the last time this year. Keeping the grass short will enable faster drying in the spring. When you’re finished, empty the gas tank to prevent gas from corroding the carburetor. Check your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

10. Protect Plants

Protect shrubs, roses, and perennials that are sensitive to cold. Cover them with cloth to prevent damage from freezing temperatures and icy winds.

11. Plant

Plant new shrubs or flower bulbs for the spring. Check with your local nursery to find out what plants do best when planted in the fall.

12. Protect Your Deck

Power wash your deck and add a weatherproofing stain to prevent mold and mildew growth.

13. Clean Your Tools

Thoroughly clean and store all of your tools for the winter to prevent rust. We hope our tips will help you prepare your lawn for the cold winter months to come — and the beautiful spring to follow.
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