Have you been thinking about replacing your windows? Installing new windows can be a big investment, but the benefits far outweigh the risks. If you’re experiencing any of these 7 problems, new windows may just be your best solution.

Energy Loss

Rising utility bills may be an indication that your windows aren’t doing a good job of keeping your home comfortable and draft-free. New, energy-efficient windows will make your home more comfortable and lead to lower heating and cooling costs. In fact, you can save from 10-25% on energy as a result of having new windows. As a bonus, using less energy means decreasing your carbon footprint.

Dated Looks

Old windows make your house look dated and unattractive. Switch it up with wood, fiberglass, or vinyl frames. Consider changing the window style to double-hung, single-hung, sliding, casement, bay, or even a custom window. Whatever windows you choose, you’ll bump up your curb appeal and add value to your investment in your home.


UV rays enter through windows and cause carpets, furniture, window treatments, and even artwork to fade. Today’s windows are available with UV blocking glass that keeps 95% of the sun’s damaging rays from fading your belongings.

Difficult Cleaning

Do you dread the maintenance and cleaning necessary for your old windows? Many new windows are virtually maintenance-free and don’t require any painting to keep them looking great. As for cleaning, look for windows with a tilt-in sash so you can clean the exterior from the interior — no ladders needed.

Poor Security

Older windows can be easily broken. Replace with windows that have extra security features, such as impact-resistant glass, steel-reinforced frames, and cam-action locks.

Storm Windows

If you currently have storm windows that must be put up before winter and taken down in summer, you can get rid of the hassle with double-pane windows. Double-pane windows generally have two pieces of glass with argon gas between them for extra insulation. There is no need to add storm windows on top of double or triple-pane windows.

Foggy Windows

Have your multi-pane windows suddenly become foggy? This is likely due to a break in the seal that holds the argon gas between the panes. Humid air has managed to seep in between the panes and cause condensation in the glass. You may be able to just replace the glass, but if the entire window is older, new windows are the best option.

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