The View from Bergen 

Bergen, NY, is located in the northeastern corner of Genesee County. It is bordered by Clarendon, Sweden, Riga, LeRoy, and Byron. The west side of the district, south of the railroad, is on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Named after Bergen, Norway, the town has a rich history. The 1880-era storefronts feature wrought iron and transom windows, charming reminders of days gone by. Looking at these features inspires residents to consider home improvement projects, such as adding transom windows or new front doors. 

Is it time to give your home a facelift? Whether you’re looking to customize the look of your home, replace drafty windows, install or replace your roof, or other home improvements, Oaks Construction is here to help. 

Oaks Construction has helped homeowners in Bergen, NY, with roofs, windows, doors, and more since 2003. If you’re considering a home improvement project, call us at 585.247.OAKS for a free in-person or virtual estimate. 

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