It would be nice if the only time you needed a roof was when the weather was warm, calm, and dry. Unfortunately, sometimes you need a roof repair or replacement during the winter season. Roofing contractors can provide services during winter, but they must take into account several additional factors.

Ideal Conditions for Roofing

Spring, summer, and even fall in Rochester provide weather that’s amenable to roofing. The temperatures and weather are moderate and the overall roofing process goes smoothly during the milder seasons.

Winter Conditions & Roofing

While we can perform roofing jobs in the winter, there are several accommodations we need to make for safety reasons.

Increased Risks:

  • Slippery roof surfaces
  • High winds
  • Snow and ice removal to allow clearing of old roofing materials
  • Shingles can become less pliable and can break apart in freezing temperatures

Worker Accommodations:

  • High-performance clothing and boots that have been weather tested
  • Roof-fall protection equipment, including PFA (Personal Fall Arrest) systems 
  • Appropriate tools to deal with ice and snow buildup
  • Extra effort to take care of tools properly so they work in the cold
  • Keep shingles warm before delivering them to the job site

Choose an Experienced Contractor

The key to a successful roofing job in the winter is to hire a professional roofing contractor with an experienced team. A knowledgeable crew knows how to work with roofing materials in cold weather and will follow all of the manufacturer’s directions for working with sealants in cold temperatures.

While, in general, spring and summer are the best months to get a new roof, if you need one in winter it can be done. Services and scheduling will depend on the weather — crews need to be safe to do their work — but we definitely put roofs on during the winter months. 

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