Solar panel roof systems need very little maintenance, but there are a few things to make them work well and last a long time. Oaks Construction offers tips and advice for caring for your solar roof.

Clean Off Dirt, Debris, and Snow

Solar panels do not need to be cleaned very often. Rain will usually take care of any dirt or dust. Snow generally melts faster on the panels than on the rest of the roof. Every few months, take a look at the panels, and if you see dirt, leaves, or snow, try rinsing the panels with your garden hose. It’s dangerous to get on the roof yourself to clean the panels. Leave that to the professionals. If there’s a lot of snow, purchase a long-handled rake or broom to sweep it off. They are inexpensive and allow you to clean the panels from a ladder.

Watch for Roof Leaks

The bolts that attach the panels to your roof are durable and ensure your panels’ structural integrity. If you notice any leaks, which are very rare, contact us right away. These issues are usually covered under warranty, so don’t try to fix them yourself.

Check After Severe Weather

Severe storms, tornados, or other bad weather can result in broken panels. You’ll be able to see broken glass, and you’ll note dropping performance on online monitoring. Insurance usually covers solar panels in the event of weather events. Contact us to help you repair or replace broken panels.

Monitor Your System

Most solar systems come with online monitoring, where you can track the performance of your system. Check the system at least once a month to ensure that you can quickly identify any changes to your energy output that may indicate a problem.

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Solar panels are extremely low maintenance and are growing in popularity in the home improvement market. Many solar panels last much longer than you’d expect — some manufactured in the 70s are still functioning and producing power today! Take good care of your panels, and they’ll continue to produce energy for you for years to come. If you are interested in installing solar panels or need warranty work on your current panels, contact Oaks Construction at 585.247.OAKS today!
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