Gaines, NY

Roofers in Gaines, NY

Gaines, NY, in Orleans County, was established in 1816. That means lots of historic homes. Regardless of your home’s age, there may come a time when you need some home improvements — and that’s where Oaks Construction comes in.

Is your roof more than 20 years old? Are the shingles cracked or curled? Are some shingles missing? Is your roof sagging or leaking? It may be time for a new roof. Oaks Construction is proud to offer roofing, siding, window, and door services to Gaines residents. Just call 585.247.OAKS for a free estimate.


Roofing in Gaines, NY

Contractor with Nearly 20 Years Experience

Residents of Gaines take pride in their homes. At Oaks Construction, we respect that pride and want to help keep those homes in great shape. We offer high-quality home improvement services to home and business owners in Gaines and the surrounding areas.

We have been serving homeowners throughout the area for nearly 20 years and have earned their respect with excellent workmanship and our desire to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs in Gaines, NY

What Color Will You Choose?

Asphalt shingles come in multiple brands, types, colors, and textures. It can be a challenge to pick one that will look great on your home. That’s why we use the Hover app.

With Hover, you can pick and choose shingles to “try on” to a 3D rendering of your home! We use the app to take measurements. We provide you with a link to view the rendering of your home and you can try various roofing and siding options. It’s pretty amazing!

Solar Panel Roofing in Gaines, NY

Be Energy Independent

If you’ve been thinking about what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, solar panel roofing might be right for you. With a solar panel roof, you’ll reduce your dependence on the energy companies, reduce your bills, and qualify for a federal tax credit. Ask us about solar panels integrated into a new roof for your home!

Home Improvements in Gaines, NY

Your Trusted Contractor

In addition to roofing, Oaks Construction offers premium home improvements such as energy-efficient windows and doors and gorgeous new siding. We are committed to helping you realize your dream home!

Call 585-247-OAKS to get started on your home improvement projects with a free estimate.

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