Have You Checked Your Roof Lately? 

Geneseo, NY, is located at the southern end of the five-county Rochester, NY, metro area. The area is mostly ruralwith beautifully kept historic homes. The Association for the Preservation of Geneseo (APOG) has painstakingly recorded the history of many of it’s buildings and homes.  

Residents of this community take pride in their residences, that’s why they trust Oaks Construction for their home improvements. Have you checked your roof lately? Missing shingles, leaks, and age can all be signs that it’s time for a new roof. Don’t wait until there’s damage to your interior! Call Oaks Construction at 585.247.OAKS today. 

Oaks Construction is happy to come out to Geneseo to evaluate your roof and provide you with a free estimate for roof replacement. Contact us today to find out more.