At Home in Henrietta, NY 

Henrietta is home to the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)private research facility. RIT is internationally renowned for programs in science, engineering, computers, and art. It is also home to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, serving over 1,000 students with hearing disabilities. 

Henrietta is also home to more than 43,000 residents, many of them homeowners. Oaks Construction knows that owning a home in Henrietta means dealing with the damage from severe weather. From rainy spring and summer to snowy winters, the weather can impact your home — especially your roof. 

Next time you’re outside, take a look at your roof. Do you notice any missing shingles? Are there shingles that are curling or buckling? Do you see shingle granules in your gutters? These are all signs of roofing problems.  

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