Reduce your carbon footprint, increase the value of your home, and lower electric bills with a solar roof from Oaks Construction.

Catch Some Sun!

Solar energy diagram

Each solar panel contains several photovoltaic cells that absorb photons (particles of light) from the sun, which knocks electrons free from atoms to generate electricity. The electricity produced is direct current, or DC.

To use the electricity produced by the solar cells, it must be routed through an inverter to convert the energy to alternating current, or AC. This is the type of electricity used in our homes to power everything from our lights to our appliances.

The AC electricity flows from the inverter to the breaker box, which directs the electrical current to everything in your home that is using electricity.

Any unused electricity generated from your solar panels flows to your utility meter and then into the grid. Your utility company may credit you for your extra electricity.

Oaks Construction uses GAF DecoTech® Solar Panels, which are integrated directly into your new roof. Isn’t time for you to Catch Some Sun With Oaks? Call 585.247.6257 today!

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