Many homeowners believe that after their roof has been installed, no further action is required. They trust that their warranty will provide a fix for all performance problems. Nothing could be further from the truth. Roofing warranties specify that the owner is obligated to maintain the roof properly. Fully understanding a typical roofing warranty can help you get the most out of your roof warranty coverage.

Routine roof inspections and maintenance can head off expensive repairs and keep your warranty coverage valid. Below is a roofing inspection and maintenance checklist to follow at least once a year or after bad storms.


Cracked Caulk or Rust on Flashing

Flashing is where two or more roof surfaces meet. When the flashing is cracked or has rust spots, it can allow water to leak into your home causing structural and cosmetic damage.


Buckled Curled or Blistered Shingles

Buckling, curling or blistering shingles, are caused by poor ventilation and installation.


Missing or Broken Shingles

The best time to check your roof for missing or broken shingles is after high winds. If you find loose shingles, nail them back or fix them as soon as you can. If you do not take care of the problem, it may cause water damage and eventually mold.


Cracked and worn rubber boots around vent pipes

Rubber boots on your roof are installed around vent pipes and electrical service mast pipes. Like the flashing mentioned above, when the rubber boot is cracked or becomes worn over time, it no longer has the seal needed to keep water from entering your home.


Missing or Damaged Chimney Cap

Check the chimney top for damaged masonry (or rusted metal), a missing cap, damaged, cracked, or missing top seal.


Growth on the Roof

When mold, moss or lichen start growing on your roof, a strong sign of an underlying issue. Typically that issue involves roof deck decay, which means the structure holding your roof up is damaged and in need of repair.


Ice Buildup

If you are prone to having ice build up on your roof, consider installing ice melt socks in your gutters or attach heat tapes and belts to your roof to aid with melting the snow and ice.

Inspect your roof at least once a year to ensure that the shingles, flashing, and other features are intact and in good shape. A roof inspection is one of those preventative maintenance jobs that’s easy to overlook.

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