So, you notice a few signs of a roof leak. Maybe you have some missing shingles, water spots on your ceiling, damaged flashing around the chimney, or wet roof decking in the attic. Do you know what you’d do? We’ve put together a short list of the main do’s and don’ts when you discover your roof is leaking.

Don’t Assume It Can Wait

Water isn’t dripping through your ceiling, so you may decide that it’s just a “little” leak and can wait. Even if you don’t see anything major — even if the water spot on your ceiling gets just a little bigger each month — the damage you’re not seeing is getting much worse. By waiting, you can end up with mold, structural damage to ceilings or walls, and ruined personal possessions. At the first signs of leaking, call a professional roofing contractor. They will come and inspect the roof and the areas of damage and recommend a plan of action.

Don’t DIY

There are DIY videos for absolutely everything on YouTube. This doesn’t mean that you should DIY everything. There are so many factors involved in roofing, it is best left to professionals. Between the safety of being on a roof to the actual understanding of roofing materials, attempting a repair yourself can be, well, a slippery slope. Regardless of the instructions online, actually finding the right materials and correctly performing a roof repair is complicated. And remember, doing your own repairs voids any warranty you have left on your roof.

Do Write Down the Details

Note the details of the leak. Where is it located? Has it gotten larger? Did it appear after a storm? Any information you can gather will help your roofing professional locate the source of the leak and determine the appropriate repair.

Do Call a Professional Roofer

For your safety and the efficiency of the repair, call a local roofing professional to evaluate the leak. Using a roofer who is properly licensed and insured will keep your roof warranty intact and save you the headaches of trying to fix it yourself. You may self-diagnose the leak as a rip in the membrane, but it could be condensation from lack of proper ventilation of the roof or something else. A contractor who specializes in roofing will be able to look at the leak, the roof, and examine everything to determine the correct cause and the necessary repair. When you see signs of a roof leak, call Oaks Construction at 585-247-6257 for a free roof evaluation.
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