Your front door is one of the first things you notice about your home. You want it to look great, keep your family safe, and protect you from the elements. When shopping for a new door, you may notice that there are many choices, not only for style but also for substance. How do you choose? Oaks Construction can help.

Wood Doors

Wood doors are a popular choice. They look lovely and are customizable with a wide variety of finishes and designs. Wood doors require regular maintenance with paint or stain and, over time, will warp due to the impact of the elements. When wood doors warp, the airtight seal around them breaks, leaving you with drafts and increased energy bills. Keep in mind that if you choose a wood door, you will replace it much sooner than a fiberglass or steel door.

Fiberglass Doors

Looking for something more durable than wood? Fiberglass won’t dent or nick as easily as wood doors. They also have an insulated core to offer you more energy efficiency and protection against the harsh Western New York winters. Fiberglass can be ordered in your choice of several colors, be stained any color you wish, and give you the attractive look of a wood door. Fiberglass doors are generally more expensive than wood, but the long-term energy savings will make up for the difference in price.

Steel Doors

The safest door available is the steel front door. They are comprised of two steel panels with an insulated foam core. Steel doors are extremely strong and keep you safe from intruders and the weather. The downfall of a steel door is that if they become dented, it is nearly impossible to repair them. You’ll likely need to replace your door.

Glass Doors

Solid glass doors are beautiful. They let natural light into your home and provide you with a pretty view from indoors. Unfortunately, although you can see out, it means your neighbors can see in. Glass is not nearly as energy efficient as fiberglass or steel. A good compromise would be fiberglass, wood, or steel doors with sidelights or transoms to let light in and maintain your privacy. If you’re considering a new front door, call 585-247-OAKS to speak to a window and door specialist at Oaks Construction.
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