Have you developed bad habits when it comes to your roof maintenance? It’s time to shake them off before you end up with major damage and extensive repairs. Read on for the 10 roof maintenance habits you need to stop today!

1. Delaying Repairs

You know your roof needs repair, but you put it off. Putting off a repair will likely result in worse damage to your roof and structural damage to your home.

2. Ignoring Missing Shingles

A few missing shingles may not seem like a big deal. The problem is that any place that allows water to get in can cause major problems in the long run. Roof leaks can lead to water damage to ceilings, drywall, and other components of your home.

3. Neglecting Your Gutters

Put gutter cleaning on your calendar so you don’t forget to do it! Clearing out debris in the fall will save you from dealing with damaging ice dams in the winter.

4. Putting Off Replacement

At the time, it may make sense to go with a patch or a small repair instead of a full roof replacement. Unfortunately, this will ultimately end up costing more. There are times when a repair is the best choice. Consult with a roofing expert to decide whether roof repair or replacement is right for you.

5. Pressure Washing

Pressure washing may seem like a good option for cleaning moss or stains off of your asphalt shingles. While it may improve the view, spraying a concentrated stream of water can damage shingles or push water into places it shouldn’t go.

6. Not Tearing Off the Old Roof

Reroofing, or putting a new roof on top of an existing roof, may save you some money for the moment. The problems will happen down the line. 

The weight of the materials for two roofs will take its toll on the structure of your house. Eventually, you’ll need to replace the roof, and it will actually be more expensive because the contractor will have more layers of roofing to strip off before they can lay the foundation for your new roof.

7. Trying to DIY a Big Job

There are some jobs that are just better left to a professional. Roofing requires specific skills, knowledge, experience, tools, and appropriate safety gear. Rather than take a risk in an attempt to DIY a big repair or replacement, call a professional. You’ll have your roof fixed safely and won’t void any of the manufacturer’s warranties on materials.

8. Allowing Mold & Moss to Grow

If you notice an abundance of moss growing on your roof, don’t ignore it. Moss retains water that can lead to mold, bacteria, and wood rot — all bad things for your roof. Use a 50:50 solution of liquid laundry bleach and water and spray the moss-covered areas. Allow the solution to soak for 20 minutes and rinse with plain water.

9. Neglecting Your Attic

Take a look in your attic on a regular basis. Water stains in the attic are indicative of roofing problems. You may not see a problem on the outside, but if water is getting into your attic, there is definitely something going on and you need to consult a professional before you end up with mold, mildew, and wood rot.

10. Hiring the Lowest Bidder

A new roof is an expensive investment. It’s tempting to price-shop and choose the lowest estimate. Before you make your decision, research the contractor. Find out how many years they’ve been in the area, and what previous customers have to say about them. Read reviews and ask friends for recommendations. When you feel you have found the most trustworthy contractor with the best possible price, hire them.

Your roof protects your home and family. Break your bad habits and keep your roof in tip-top condition. If you need a roof repair or replacement, call us at 585-247-6257 today.

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